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Musician, Bassist, Composer, Educator

Open Window CD

SG OP Cover.jpg
SG OP Cover.jpg

Open Window CD


My 2nd studio album released in 2013 featuring 14 Original tracks.

Simon Goulding. Basses, Keyboards, Programming, Guitar, Vocal, Piano, Percussion.

With Special Guests:

  • Snake Davis - Tenor Saxes.
  • Simon Niblock - Tenor, Alto, Soprano Saxes & Flutes.
  • Chris Taylor - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Vocoder.
  • Lou Stonehill Nylon Acoustic Guitar.
  • Richard Pardy - Tenor & Alto Saxes.
  • Munch Manship - Flutes.
  • Dave Hassell - Timbales.
  • Alan Wormald - Guitars.
  • Paul Birchall - Synth.
  • Adam Linsley - Trumpets.

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Listen to the title track 'Familia' here

Listen to the title track 'Open Window' here