Simon Goulding

Musician, Bassist, Composer, Educator



What I'm Using

I am a very proud endorsing artist of:

  • Dalmedo Custom Guitars

  • Taurus Amplification & Pedals

  • Rotosound Strings

  • Cosmic Ears

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Here you can check out a list of my gear......

Basses Used:

  • Dalmedo SG Signature 6 String (Made by master luthier Tito Dalmedo)

  • Fender Jazz Bass (With upgraded Bartolini pick ups)

  • Fender Precision Bass (With upgraded Lollar pick ups)

  • Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 5 fretless

  • Lakland Skyline 55-01 (With upgraded Bartolini pick ups)

  • Yamaha TRB5

  • Barker B1 5 fretless

  • Cort Artisan A6

  • Tanglewood CW55 Acoustic Bass Guitar

  • Gordon Smith

  • Aria SWB EUB (electric upright bass)

  • Novation Bass Station II


Amplification Used: 

  • Taurus TN112 & Taurus TN210 Slimline Cabinets

  • Taurus Qube 450 Amplifier

  • Taurus Vandall 500 Valve/Solid State Amplifier

  • Hartke LH1000 Full Valve Amplifier

  • Ampeg SVT 410 HLF Cabinet

  • Taurus 1210 Hybrid Cabinet (2x10 & 1x12) Bi-amp


Pedals & FX Used:

  • Fractal Audio systems FX8 MK II Multi Effects Pedalboard

  • Custom pedal board made by Chris Ryan

  • Taurus Zebu Reverb / Delay

  • Taurus Tux Compressor

  • TC Polytune

  • TC Corona Chorus

  • TC MojoMojo Overdrive

  • ISP Decimator Noise Reduction

  • Custom Van Damme Cables

  • Mogami Pro Instrument Cables

  • Carl Martin Pro Power


In ear monitors:

  • Cosmic Ears CE6B Custom moulded IEM's. (6 drivers per side. 2x high, 2x mid, 2x sub)

  • Fischer Amps In Ear Stick. Personal Stereo/Mono Headphone Amplifier


  • Italia Leather Straps. 100% Handmade 4” wide leather straps


Recording gear for online sessions:

  • DAW: Steinberg Cubase 7

  • ART Tube MP valve preamp

  • Taurus QUBE 450 4x10 cabinet emulated D.I.

  • Ultrafunk, Oxford & Waves Plug in's & SSL channel strips

  • RØDE M3 Condenser Mic



  • LP Aspire Cajon

  • LP Matador Natural Wood Bongos

  • LP Cowbell & DW 2000 Foot Pedal Combo

  • LP Salsa Bell Campana

  • Cuban 'Son' Clave Handmade in La Habana Cuba

  • Cuban 'Rumba' Clave Handmade in Matanzas Cuba

Listen to the title track 'Familia' here

Listen to the title track 'Open Window' here