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Scale & Mode Etudes For The Bassist (Exercises in tonality and applying harmonic language) eBook


Scale & Mode Etudes For The Bassist (Exercises in tonality and applying harmonic language) eBook


One of the most extensive books on scales, modes and harmony aimed at the bassist on the market today. Scale and Mode etudes takes you through every major, minor, pentatonic, exotic, messiaen mode, arabian maqam, Japanese pentatonic scale along with their respective modes. Every scale is harmonised and shown as standard notation, fingerboard maps and piano diagrams. However, there’s MUCH more……

The eBook also contains a huge section on harmony, chord changes, re-harmonisation, improvising over changes, soloing, baseline construction, chord substitutions and chord tone exercises. The topics covered are:

  • Triads

  • Major, Harmonic Major, Double Harmonic Major scales, modes & etudes.

  • Natural Minor, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor scales, modes & etudes.

  • Mirror image & Palindromic scales.

  • Pentatonic scales & modes (including Japanese pentatonic and Messiaen modes of limited transposition with etudes).

  • Be-Bop scales and their use over changes.

  • Exotic & Auxiliary Scales (improvisation options).

  • Harmonic Language, Chord Substitutions, Secondary Dominant & Diminished 7th chords, ii-V-I lines (major & minor), Rhythm Changes, Modal mixtures, Crafting a solo, Coltrane Changes (Multi Tonic Changes).

  • Harmonised scale chord tone exercises.

If you want to take your bass playing and musicianship to the next level and learn how to apply all this theory then this eBook is for you.

400+ Pages.

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Listen to the title track 'Familia' here

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