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Developing Songo Bass (eBook & Audio)

Developing Songo Bass eBook COVER edit.jpg
Developing Songo Bass eBook COVER edit.jpg

Developing Songo Bass (eBook & Audio)


Approaching Songo on the bass gives the bassist many options regarding feel, rhythm and the use of different techniques like slapping and popping, double stops and muting. The bassist has the freedom to play around the clave and add more syncopation to the tumbao (tumbao is the “groove” played on the bass. It derives from two Spanish words Tumba meaning drum and Bajo meaning bass). In the following pages we will cover the 2 types of Clave, the traditional bass tumbaos in the styles of music that influence Songo and also the elements of funk, jazz and rock that are also evident. I have presented 50 eight bar tumbaos all in G minor. That being said, there is no reason why you can’t play these lines in any key you want to. The clave is also written underneath each 8 bar line. As the Songo is in 2:3 Rumba clave you will be able to see the bass note placement and how it relates to and works with the clave. There are no tempo marks written. This is because different lines work better at different tempos. You can set your own tempo for each line. There are also chord changes written so you can play the lines with a guitar or piano accompaniment. The overall aim here is to really internalize the clave pattern and know where you are and what side of the clave you are playing. With this purchase you will also get over 60 audio (mp3) files of Clave, Cascara & Campana patterns, Traditional Afro Cuban Tumbaos plus all 50 Songo Tumbaos.

Covered in this book: 

  • Clave
  • Cascara
  • Campana
  • Traditional Bass Tumbaos
  • 50 Songo Bass Tumbaos with Clave incorporating funk & rock elements
  • Over 60 mp3 audio files covering all tumbaos, clave, cascara and campagna patterns
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Check out some of the Songo tumbaos featured in this eBook.

Listen to the title track 'Familia' here

Listen to the title track 'Open Window' here