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Bass Workshop Volume 2 (eBook)

SG BWV2 Cover Image edit.jpg
SG BWV2 Cover Image edit.jpg

Bass Workshop Volume 2 (eBook)

  • Advanced notation & rhythm reading.
  • Extended Harmony.
  • A Basics re-cap of Notation, Harmony
  • Technique.
  • Harmonic Exercises (Finger Independence, Chord Tones, Approach Notes, Scale & Chord Tone Pivot Patterns and more).
  • Major & Minor Scale Modes.
  • Improvisation Tools (Scales, Chord Tones, Rhythm).
  • Soloing Examples.
  • Picking Hand Technique.
  • Muted Bass Lines.
  • Using A Pick (Plectrum).
  • Slapping & Popping Using Drum Patterns.
  • My Musical Toolbox Principle.
  • Improvisation/Soloing Timeline.
  • Developing Your Creativity Over 1 Chord.
  • Bass Line Development.
  • Bass Duets. 
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Listen to the title track 'Familia' here

Listen to the title track 'Open Window' here