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Recuerdos Volumes 1 & 2 (HQ mp3 album)

Recuerdos COVER.jpg
Recuerdos COVER.jpg

Recuerdos Volumes 1 & 2 (HQ mp3 album)


This is my third studio album Recuerdos. This album contains 20 original arrangements of classic Cuban songs from the 1930’s, 40’s 50’s and later many of which are not heard outside of Cuba anymore. Because of the wealth of fantastic material to choose from I chose the tunes that had very strong melodies and scope for reharmonisation and recomposition. You will hear a very different take on these classic songs on Recuerdos. The main melodic voice on this album is the six string bass which gives the tunes a modern, contemporary feel.

Track Listing:

  1. Guantanamera - Joseito Fernandez

  2. Dos Gardenias - Isolina Carrillo

  3. El Guararey De Pastora - Juan Formell

  4. La Negra Tomasa (Bilongo)Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe

  5. Cemento Ladrillo y Arena - Jose Antonio Melendez

  6. Dile a Catalina - Arsenio Rodriguez

  7. Alardoso - Enrique Jorrin

  8. El Cuarto De Tula - Sergio Gonzalez Siaba

  9. Lagrimas Negras - Miguel Matamoros

  10. Chan Chan - Compay Segundo

  11. El Manisero - Moises Simons

  12. El Bodeguero - Richard Egues

  13. Como Fue - Ernesto Duarte Brito 

  14. Que Bueno Baila Usted - Benny More

  15. Manteca - Dizzy Gillespie, Chano Pozo, Gil Fuller

  16. Son De La Loma - Miguel Matamoros

  17. La Sandunguera - Juan Formell

  18. Mambo Inn - Mario Bauza

  19. Un Tipo Como Yo - Sergio Esquivel

  20. Rumberos Latinoamericanos - Elio Reve Matos


Simon Goulding - Bass Guitars (Fretted & Fretless), Bongos, Campana, Clave, Cajon, Keyboards, Piano, Programming, Vocals.

Andy Blakeley - Timbales

Jorge Sanchez - Congas

Manolo Gonzalez - Drums

Pepé Suarez - Flute

Willy Rey - Trombone, Saxes & Trumpets

All arrangements, Production, Mixing and Mastering by Simon Goulding © 2018 SGM

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Guantanamera Video

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El Bodeguero Video

Listen to the title track 'Familia' here

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